It’s a safe bet that any given listener has not heard anything like this before. It’s inventive, original and a bit strange. It’s also very strong.   –GW Hill 

…together, they create a unique blend of cosmic goth-rock and Pink Floyd-esque psych-rock freakouts with glammy Bowie-like theatrics along with thought-provoking and mind-altering lyrical themes for a genre-defiant sound that is truly all their own.  -Justin Kreitzer 

Short’s writing tends to be on the dark side, and he makes progressive rock and goth-rock sound like a perfectly natural combination (which makes sense in light of the fact that many goth artists have claimed David Bowie and Pink Floyd as influences). -Alex Henderson 

Intellectually, the lyrics of Mind Altar are astounding in their references to the dark side of traditional fairy tales and the bible, but what’s most astounding is how these references reveal the inherent darkness in anything familiar: our culture, our dreams, ourselves.  –Alice Neiley 

The record is relentlessly challenging and unique and sometimes falls flat on its face but there’s nothing quite like this out there today. Adventurous music fans should give it a try.  - Michael Korn 

The lyrics may be smart and the music might be complex, but singer Short is nearly unlistenable; not sinceStyx’s Dennis DeYoung has there been a singer so pretentious and annoying as Short. - Dan MacIntosh 

Mind Altar succeeds in doing something that most mainstream artists don’t do: it provides listeners with something daring and unusual. -Alexa Spieler 

There’s a dark aura that surrounds these twelve tracks, drawing together some elements of Bauhaus but ultimately ends up feeling like a strange collision of Bowie, Meatloaf, and Pink Floyd. -Andrew Greenhalgh